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Rainforests, Cabinet Timbers & Chooks

Bruce Perkins  
12/19/2016 12:47 PM - over 3 years ago
Rainforests, Cabinet Timbers & Chooks
We grow rainforests:
  • to restore our atmosphere and the carbon cycle,
  • for a moister and cooler climate,
  • for improved water quality from mountains to reef,
  • to protect us, property and towns from fire,
  • in our public and school landscapes for education and tourism,
  • for carbon offsets at 1 ton per 50-100 trees per year (age and type),
  • to produce bush food, medicines, oils, resins and other products,
  • that contain a large percent of cabinet timbers,
  • for non-toxic and sustainable housing and furniture,
  • as a seed source for many rare and endangered plants,
  • as the perfect habitual for free range poultry,
  • for jobs, sustainability and opportunity.
Rainforests, Cabinet Timbers, Bush Food & Chooks

For over 30 years, we at Bunya Nurseries have been successfully growing small rainforests from the beach to mountain tops and many places in-between.  We also know man-made rainforests can potentially have all the benefits described.  What we can’t do is quantify these benefits without a series of substantial trials with accessibility, visibility and accountability.

We have the plants and are ready to begin two of five, minimum 20 ha rainforest plots.  Advanced trees are planted at 500 per ha or 10,000 per site over 2 years.  Both of these sites have north-easterly aspects and are approx. 30 ha each.  Initially we will plant a frame work of quick growing softwoods like Bunya, Hoop, Kauri and Silky Oak with clear ways around the edges and along the contours for fire and forest management.  The rest of the site is infilled with cabinet timbers such as Red Silky Oak, White Beech, Deep Yellow Wood, Yellow Wood, Crows Ash, Tulip Wood, Red Cedar, Tulip Oak, Rosewood, Satin Ash, Mahogany, Quandong, Walnut, Ebony, Engravers Wood, Burdekin Plum, etc.

After 3 years, many of these trees will start producing flowers and seed.  By 12 years all will be producing, creating a functioning seed farm of rare and valuable plants.  In the same time-frame, this forest will produce increasing volumes of human food, fodder, medicines, oils, resins and other products.  

After 2 years we propose that electric fencing and free-range poultry are introduced as an organic solution to weeds, bugs, fertilisers and cultivation.  Stocking rates can be trialled for egg and meat production. 

This man-made rainforest will contain many trees like Bunya, that can live for well over 500 years.  Many will grow at different rates and to varying ages.  The proposed forest is designed for sustainable and selective harvesting of valuable logs after 80 years.  After 40 years, thinning and salvage occurs on a regular basis.  The proposed rainforests should never be clear-felled.  With simple and caring management, these productive rainforests should be on these sites for thousands of years, with their contents changing over time.

These 20 ha custom designed rainforests will be capable of producing the resources to support lifetime employment and home security for families of trained rainforesters who could manage, maintain, protect and develop the rainforests to produce valuable logs and carbon offsets for many 100s of years.  In exchange for their labour, the rainforesters could be offered gathering and grazing rights as well as a percentage of timber value to create incentive and security.

The 10,000 advanced rainforest plants for these projects are in 2.8 litre bags and cost $6 each or $60,000 inc. GST and can be secured with a 50% deposit.  For another dollar per plant, or $10,000, we are offering design, two years of onsite weekly visits for supervision, mentoring and training as well as free replacements for two years, excluding neglect, vandalism or theft.  A similar offer is currently available to landholders, businesses and councils interested in growing a rainforest of a hectare or more.