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Grow List Plant Types & Uses

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Doryanthes excelsior - Spear Lily
Dysoxylum mollissimum - Red Bean
Ehretia acuminata - Koda
Elaeodendron australe - Red Olive Plum
Eleaocarpus eumundi - Smooth Leaved Quandong
Erythrina vespertilio - Batswing Coral
Euginia reinwardtiana - Cedar Bay Cherry
Ficus macrophylla - Moreton Bay Fig
Ficus obliqua - Small Leaf Fig
Ficus racemosa - Cluster Fig
Ficus virens - White Fig
Flindersia australis - Crows Ash
Flindersia brayleyana - Queensland Maple
Flindersia collina - Leopard Ash
Flindersia schottiana - Bumpy Ash