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Grow List Plant Types & Uses

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Pittosporum revolutum - Yellow Pittosporum
Pittosporum spinescens - Orange Thorn
Pittosporum venulosum - Hairy Pittosporum
Pleiogynium timorense - Burdekin Plum
Podocarpus elatus - Plum Pine
Polyscias elegans - Celery Wood
Psydrax odorata - Shiny-leaved Canthum
Rhodosphaea rhodanthema - Deep Yellow Wood
Stenocarpus sinuatus - Fire Wheel Tree
Sterculia quadrifida - Peanut Tree
Syzygium angophoroides - Black Fruited Lilly Pilly
Syzygium australe - Brush Cherry
Syzygium canicortex - Yellow Satinash
Syzygium francisii - Francis' Water Gum
Syzygium hemilamprum - Broad-leaved Lilly Pilly